Below you can see my past bot projects. If you have an bot suggestion or idea feel free to send me an email here!

Name Description Date Code Language Botted the site which allows you to roll a number between 0 and 10,000 and if you're lucky you might win upto 200$. Using a few hundred accounts and paid proxies we confirmed that the site was actually a scam. The site was actually paying out bitcoins but your chance is much lower than they advertise. Late Summer 2016 Python
Instagram Using instagrams webapi I created a bot that could follow and unfollow people. Summer 2016 Python
Baymack Baymack is an app where you can get free giftcards from watching promoted videos. In the early stage of the app it had many problems, the first was that it had no real bot protection. The second was that each user only was separated by the unique user id, this made it possible to steal from others. (Which we tried out). These problems got fixed a few weeks later. Summer 2016 Python
HitLeap botting I created a bot acting as the client of HitLeap (HitLeap is a software that lets you go on other peoples websites to get points which can be used to get people on your own site). The bot was used to gain these points. May 2016 Python Created my own api around the anonymous question app The bots included creating accounts, liking, asking questions etc done through tor. After this bot started banning alot of apis. Spring 2016 Python
CSGO Trading In the CSGO Trading scene I scraped sites like OPSkins, CSGODouble and CSGOWild to receive realtime data on what items were available in their market. I used this data to trade items between these sites to gain profit. Beginning of 2016 Python, NodeJS, PHP, HTML
Bus scraping I scraped bus stop coordinates and live bus coordinates from an local bus app. Using google maps I created a map showing it all. February 2016 Python, PHP, HTML, Javascript
Twitch Chat Botting Me and a couple of friend created around 360 twitch account which we used to win CSGO giveaways. Eventually I got banned. December 2015 Python, PHP
Snapchat I created a bot that intercepted snapchat image data and saved them using a software called mitmproxy. This was before snapchat added their extra security. Spring 2015 Python
Videofyme Videofyme is a socialmedia app based around sharing videos. I made my own api around the app to gain views, followers and likes. I created a total of 1 400 accounts and followed 40,000 people. I also created a web interface for the app that didn't exist. After a few weeks they contacted me and asked me to stop botting. Sadly the app is no longer available for android which means that the bot is broken. Summer 2014 PHP (Command Line)
Kogama game I made my own api that could create accounts and buy items from the ingame market. Using proxies I made 100+ accounts and bought my own items using the start balance. After a few weeks of botting they added another currency that was required when buying so the bot stopped working. May 2014 PHP (Web based)
Instagram I created a bot following/unfollowing users to get them follow me back. May 2014 PHP (Web based)
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